Sunday, May 9, 2010


Mandy's photo challenge this week is all about moms, which is great because I just had a fabulous Mother of a Brunch (with my new fully well self and my wonderful family) which provided opportunity for great mom pictures. (However Mandy, since there's an actual prize this week I'd like it to be known that no mom could be as beautiful as this one, e hem)

But I do love this picture from this week. I think it pretty well sums up where I get my lively, fun spirit from: It's hereditary round these parts.

Completely blessed to have these women in my life,


ptagoddess said...

Sneaky! But what fun.

ComplyKated said...

The whole series of pictures from this (you guys leaning in and talking, and laughing, and going on) is the best. I laughed out loud when I was looking through them because you guys are having such fun. It was wonderful to see you both yesterday.

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