Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To the man

To the man
who stepped up to the challenge of "conquering the unconquerable"
who wasn't scared off by my marriage proposal after our second week of dating
who called even when I wasn't at my best
who listened even when he didn't want to know the truth
who talked me down from ledges
who called my parents when I said I was ready to come home
who put miles on his car up and down the turnpike for a chance that I might know what I wanted this time
who (rightfully) let me know that I needed to make a choice
and who came up one more time when I was ready.

To the man
who listened as I laid down my rules and laws and regulations
who was patient when I changed them all
who was willing to call strangers on the phone to see if they were nervous before their engagement just so I wouldn't walk out the door
who proposed to me on the grave of a worm named Fred
who was willing to have me from a distance so I could see what the world looked like
who slept at weird times so he could call me every night from a million miles away
and who was waiting for me when I returned home.

To the man
who helped me put together furniture only to return it hours later without an "I told you so"
who danced with me to America in our little apartment
who worked hard to save money for us so I could have a house
who let me cry when that house took me miles away from home
who stood with me when all plans changed
who has loved me when I have been completely and utterly wrong
who has never given up on me, never walked away
who has remained committed to the promises we made
and who works to love me more fully like Christ every day.

To the man
who still has wonderful Robert Redford eyes
who can still make me laugh
who can still make me smile
who has supported and encouraged me to do what I love
who helps with laundry, cleaning, cooking so that I can
who still understands my innate need for globetrotting
who is an amazing father, husband, friend
and who doesn't wear scuba gear to bed.

To the man that I have been married to for nine wonderful years,
Happy anniversary.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Kate! I'm inspired to write just such a narrative to my man (we share an anniversary with you and yours) .


Michelle said...

Wiping away a tear... that was beautiful. May have to borrow your idea :) Thanks for sharing.

ComplyKated said...

You certainly may. It would be lovely to see your stories written out too.

ptagoddess said...

It has been so cool to watch you two grow up and closer. You both are so special as individuals and as a couple...and as parents. We love you both. Happy anniversary.

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

This is touching. Sounds like you have a good guy.

I am linking back to this from a post I wrote on relationships last week.

Anonymous said...

9Years??? It thought it was just last year when we "hauled" that cake to the top of that building! I am so proud of the wife and Mother you have become. love you, susan

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