Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Thought Thursday: Open up and say AAAAAAAAAAAA

You know, there are those weeks were all things go according to or better than planned. And then there are the weeks that look at your optimistic operetta and roll on the floor laughing. This week was all about the latter.

On Tuesday morning of this week I began to feel a bit achy while getting ready but chalked it up to the cottonwood trees blooming and my blessed sinus season coming into full swing. After all, I am not one who gets sick because I have the power of positive thinking on my side.

But by noon, as I cried the whole way to pick LK up for lunch, I knew positive thinking wasn't going to work this time. But it would still take 36 hours and several round of 103 temperature spikes (which fully explain the wacked out dreams I was having) before I truly broke down an admitted I am sick. (Have I mentioned my stubborn nature before? Yup, this is a perfect case in point).

Now 60 hours into this "fun" and 24 hours into the blessed relief called antibiotics and I have found hope to believe I just might come out alive on the other side of this thing.

I have to take a moment in my random musings to give a huge thank you to LK how has valiantly held down the fort this week.

So what does being laid up mean? Well it certainly means zero planning for the Mother of a Brunch has gone on here. Thankfully we moved it from it's normal Saturday morning time slot to Sunday afternoon. So I think Saturday will be all about the planning- and this year? This year I'm so not above calling whatever deli I can find and having them cater this shindig. Afterall it's Mother's Day, right?!


Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh jeez I hope you are feeling much better now especially since Mother's Day is winding down now!! I am praying you had a great day full of fun, some relaxation and some love!! XOXO

ComplyKated said...

Thanks to antibiotics and a round of steroids I was ready to go by Saturday afternoon. Thanks for the prayers it's nice to be better and Mother's day ended up very special.

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