Monday, February 8, 2010

Doubt That I'm Serious?

Than you probably don't know me well enough.

After the fun I had in my one day Chinese Acrobatics class in San Francisco last summer, I'm totally game for this. I mean look at them, doesn't it look like all sorts of fun!

Aerial Silks Classes at Oklahoma Gold

Come fly with us!
Aerial Silks Classes at Oklahoma Gold

Adult Classes (16 years and up): Monday 7:15 to 8:45pm or Tuesday 7:30 to 9:00pm

$15 (pre-paid) a class
*No commitment, pay as you go.
*Must sign-up in advance.
*Limited Space. Only 6 per class, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Classes begin February 8th.

I'll be there Mondays!


luke said...

I'm gonna guess that hardly anyone reading this would doubt your sincerity :-)

David said...

The mind is willing but the body may not be able to do the splits.

ComplyKated said...

No worries David. They said you don't have to be too flexible to do it. They added the caveat that you will look better doing it the more flexible you are, but you can still do it if you're not. So I'll see you there?

Gena said...

This post is making my back hurt just thinking about those moves. I'm gonna pass on this one. Can we see some pictures? :)

ComplyKated said...

One of the ladies did have a camera so if I can get my hands on the pics I'll post them. Otherwise I'll try to remember to bring mine next week.

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