Friday, February 12, 2010

Preparing for Bhutan

I can be a big girl

I can be a big girl

I can be a big girl

This is my mantra today as I will keep my doctor's appointment to get the shots I need to go to Bhutan, Thailand and Cambodia in April. I wonder if they will give me a sticker when I'm done.


meggo said...

You can so do it. Shots are easy nowadays. What I want to know is: Thailand?!

ComplyKated said...

Yeah but I had natural childbirth because I feared the needle more than I feared the pain.

April 3-16. Eric (my brother) has two months after between Match Day and graduation so he wanted to go some place crazy. Nepal was really where he wanted to go but they'll be having some possibly controversial elections in May and we thought violence could pick up the closer to May it got. So he decided on Bhutan (which has several Nepalese-like temples but is peaceful), Cambodia and Thailand. And the best part? He asked me to go with him!! Sad that our spouses can't come (someone has to earn a living around here) but it will be very cool to see these places and get to spend time with my brother.

David said...

You should talk to Grandpa Stan about where he went in Combodia and Thailand, he may have some pointers for you!

Harper Cosper said...

You must not be sick when you travel if you want a hassle-free and enjoyable trip. So were you able to complete your shots? And how was traveling in these countries? I'm sure you had an amazing time! =]

ComplyKated said...

Harper- I did complete the shots and had a wonderful time traveling. You can find entries for the trip under April in the blog archives. The trip starts with April 5-Bangkok and goes to April 17- More Pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

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