Monday, February 22, 2010

Hoping This Week Doesn't Feel So Weak

I'm roughly three weeks in Physique 57 and I have been loving the immediate results I'm see all over in a short period of time (and no- I will not be posting before and after pics in this post).

But last week I was feeling no and I mean no motivation to work any of the program.

Maybe the week went to weak when I struggled to climb the 16 vertical feet of silks more on Monday than I had the week before and I got in a mental funk about it.

Maybe I've stayed up too late watching the Olympics and I'm lacking in energy in all areas of my day.

Maybe I need to remember what Jack Canefield says about when to-do lists get crowded, how it weighs everything down. So maybe I need focus on getting all those little jobs (like giving the dog a bath and folding the laundry that stares at me from the basket) done so my mind can unclog.

Maybe I need to stare a little longer at Kelly Ripa's arms

Needing some "desire to get through the next set",


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