Thursday, February 18, 2010

Re: looking for the lost

LK recently posted that
After I find it, I'm going to look in one more place

Then, when someone says “it’s always in the last place you looked for it” I can let them know that’s not always true.

Which is smart, however it seems that I always tell myself, I'm going to put this some place where I'll remember where it is, but it seem when the time comes around to need that thing, I can't find it because the place I thought would be memorable place was really just place odd and hard to remember.

So while LK searches, I think I'll just get a bucket and label it "some place" and then maybe I'll remember where it is.

Now, what are the odds I forget where I put the bucket?

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Luke Hartman said...

I think the "some place" bucket idea is a fabulous one. Losing it is certainly a concern. Maybe we could suspend it from the garage ceiling or paint it fluorescent orange or the like...

meggo said...

I so want my blog to look as hip as yours. How did you do this? I need help stepping into the now. Thanks for your sweet comment today. I'm glad I don't scare EVERYBODY. :)

ComplyKated said...

Thanks Meggo. I went here and looked around at some of the templates. Apparently Blogger has all sorts of crazy code in it so I would never try to do it on my own at my current level of coding.

So I found the template I liked, but then I tweaked the colors in Photoshop and changed some of the code (with much much help from LK) to fit more that I was looking for. So go through the templates and if there's something you like but don't love, it's possible it can be changed to help you love it (and I know a code monkey that might be willing to be paid with hot chocolate dessert!). I found this one whose lovely green couch made me think of you.

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