Friday, February 26, 2010

A Mother's Intuition

Three weeks ago we had ISH in for his 4 year-check-up. Part of the check up was an eye exam but ISH was squirreling too much during the test. So, by the end of our attempts I was frustrated, ISH was calling out random objects in no way related to the test, and the nurse felt sure he was 20/30-- a result within the normal range of vision for a four-year-old.

But for the next two weeks I had several random (and unsolicited by me) conversations with grown-ups who had vision issues of one kind or another, and most of them ending with comments that could be summed up in the statement: I wish it had been taken care of sooner.

Those conversations lead to LK reassuring me that, while I might be being overly sensitive about this, just take the kid and see. If nothing's wrong, we've paid the money for peace of mind. And if there is something wrong, we feel good that we didn't wait.

The next day the wonderful Dr. Wright squeezed us in. At the end of an unexpected 2 hours of eye exams complete with dilating and double checking, Dr. Wright was convinced that ISH was squirreling because while he was 20/30 in the left eyes, he was 20/60 in the other.

So now we're in our first week of a four-year-old with glasses. The day we picked them up, ISH's first comment was "The trees are soooo beautiful." Well that and that when he shook his head from side to side that the floor looked "rumbly"-- but I think that will go away as he gets use to it. And, thankfully he likes them and is being a good sport about it.

But I'll admit-- I'm having a hard time getting use to seeing him in them. I, of course, don't let him know that. And as time goes on, I'm sure glasses-on will seem more normal. But for now I'm comforting myself with reminders of all the cool adult guys I know that wear glasses. And with the thought that, as he gets older, there's always contacts.

I took this pictures the day we brought the glasses home, thinking it would help him feel better about wearing them-- or maybe it was to make me feel better.

1491 days to 6,


meggo said...

Glasses are the coolest. :)

ComplyKated said...

C's on my list of cool guys with glasses- -and a curly headed guy at that. So I know ISH is in company.

Eric said...

I was sitting in a conference with crazy-smart neuroscientists the other day and noticed a solid 90% of the people had glasses. Can't be all bad.

Anonymous said...

He looks adorable! I remember seeing the leaves on the trees when I got my first glasses too, it's pretty cool! Glad he likes them.

Annaleise said...

I think he looks so cute! Good job picking out the glasses!

Jessica said...

it's cool you followed up on your intiution -how cool that he can better see the beauty around him.

Robyn said...

Early eye care is essential for our children. I wrote our own story here

Vision impacts more than we really understand. Self-confidence, behavior, learning, and more.

Thank goodness you followed your intuition. There is no telling what all you have saved him from!

Stopping by from SITS!

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