Sunday, April 4, 2010

9,861 miles in 29 hours

Saturday began as such an early morning.  Dr_EAM says that by the time we reach Bangkok will have traveled almost 10,000 miles.  It will be nearly Monday by the time we land. Likely it will be Monday by the time we reach the hotel.

I use to make up stories (okay, lies) to people when I would travel by myself.  When I was 16 and traveling to Germany on my own I told the lady next to me that I was betrothed to a man over there and I was on my way to meet him.  And that I would never get to see my family again.  Or the time I was traveling to Boston to visit Dr_EAM and for the 45 minute flight from OKC to Dallas I spoke in a almost moderately believable British accent to my seat mate.  But she bought it (and bought me dinner too!).  She wanted to set me up with her brother.

But the Boston trip was a decade ago and Germany more than.  This trip- no lies.  This trip is with my brother, Dr_EAM.  He has determined his role on this trip is fact-checker.  Though, he threatens to tell others that what I say that is true is not- just to be what he's termed "funny."

It's not often that two grown siblings (both married) get to take a trip alone together.  But I'm blessed to be able to come and blessed that we have always been close so two weeks with him doesn't seem hard.  It's been since, well, I suppose, that trip to Boston since we've spent much time together, just the two of us, and that was only a weekend.  So I guess, it's been since I was in high school and living at home that we've had this much time together.

For now we've traveled on two out of the three flights to get us to Bangkok.  For now, we're having a brief stop in the Narita airport.

The last time I was in Japan was the fall of 2000.  I left at the bottom of culture shock (not recommended) not caring if I ever came back.  Since then I have mellowed to my experience and realized what good times I had here.  And now, simply walking through the airport with the Japanese signs and people-movers on the opposite side and good luck kitties and strange electronic stores, I'm suddenly feeling a little nostalgic, dare I say, slightly homesick for Genki sushi and a dueling-lexiconigraphical conversation with my host parents.

My mom's parting advice to us before I left was that if we have to "think twice about doing it, don't."  How nice of her to give me permission not to think while I'm gone.  I'm pretty sure that's what she meant, right?  If we don't think before we do, than there can be no thinking twice.

Miles to go before we sleep,


Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh wow! Hopefully you are having a safe Easter today!! Hugs to you! xx

ptagoddess said...

Always willing to twist a phrase...

Monica said...

I can completely relate to your Narita airport nostalgia, partly b/c I was there in '00:) I think my parting words to Japan were, "If I never step foot on this soil again, I will be ok." I recently read my entire Pac Rim journal & have reconsidered that statement after realizing the amazing ways I grew while in Japan. Hope you have a great rest of your trip, lady!

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