Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14: Angkor

Today was New Year's in Cambodia and so we were able to witness the televised changing of the goddesses.

Alright- so hang on to your hats, we've got lots of Angkor pictures to fly through here.  It was no less than 104 in Siem Reap today which made touring the compound extremely hot!  But really the whole place is so amazing and massive, we didn't really have time to focus on the heat.

Pictures from Angkor Thom (pronounced Tom)

Looking up at the sandstone corbels

The protective faces at Bayon

STEEP stairs- we climbed up and down stairs like this all day.

Pictures from Angkor Wat (originally a temple to Vishnu, a strong hold for the anti-Rouge fighters in the 1970s, and now on the World Heritage site list)

The 5 lotus flower towers

The cloister 

The upper level, just opened to the public in January 2010

What the original ceiling would have looked like (only it would have been made of wood not stone)

Sun setting at the complex

Pictures from Phonm Baekumg the first temple in Angkor- former land mine central when the Rouge was fighting Vietnam

Sunset from the highest point 

Which we witnessed with a large sea of humanity

It's hard to believe by this time tomorrow we'll be back in Bangkok.  And on that, we've been able to move our hotel to the one right by the airport, seeing as how the red shirts have set up their main camp right by where we were staying.  So all should be good.


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