Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13: Siem Reap

So you might be wondering why Dr_EAM looks so pleasantly terrified.

Is it because he's been going to bed at 8:00 pm and so he's extremely well rested.  True, but no.  Is it because he's uber excited to be going to Cambodia to tour the Angkor Wat compound? True, but no.
This look comes from the, um, joy he's feelings when he realized this was the plane we'd be taking to Siem Reap

UGH! Prop plane!

But never the less, we arrived and had a little down time before the big touring starts tomorrow to explore some of the town.  My job thus far on the trip has been to keep Dr_EAM from doing things that would lead to an "I told you so."  Things such as eating sushi from street vendors in any of the countries we've been to.  But today, I was able to encourage him to go and do!

While we were pounding some pavement, we came across a large (9 courts) dirt volleyball area where a large group of local guys were playing (think "Playing with those Boys" Khmer style).  One of the guys caught us taking pictures and invited Dr_EAM to join in.  And I'm so proud of my little brother because (after a little prodding from his outgoing counter part- aka me) he went on in!

Then some sit down street-food (a step up from what we've done the past few nights) before heading in for an early night so we can be ready for a full day of Angkor tomorrow.

And here's a pic of Dr_EAM at dinner one of my favorite from today, he's concentrating on eating with chopsticks after a, um, slight bruising of his thumb playing volleyball.  I guess cultural experiences come at a price (good thing he's not going into surgery, right)

Enjoying yet another culture, language, climate, and stamp in my passport


Mandy said...

Nice bokeh in that last shot!

ptagoddess said...

Ah, the sand volleyball court paid off!! And it is open for business in case anyone is interested in getting a game together. You never know when you will be called in from the sidelines in a far away country....

Summer said...

Oh prop planes...

Great pictures today! Thanks for keeping Dr_EAM safe!

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