Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9: And at the other end of the spectrum ...

Today, we started out here

and ended up here.

In between these to polar extremes, we had dinner at a restaurant that donates it's profits to charity

and wandered up to the Suan-Lum Night Bazaar

where you can buy chickens with their heads still on

have a fish spa (we didn't ask, nor do we want to know)

haggle prices over knock off "Ray Bans"

find some knock off watches

or listen to some knock off Black Eyed Peas

So far the red shirts remain joyfully rowdy, the staunchly police remain on alerts, and we remain obediently at at a distance


ptagoddess said...

YEA! (for the last statement!) Quite a culture change for one day!

Dan Lovejoy said...

I would guess the fish spa is this:

ComplyKated said...

Dan that's crazy! I think it would tickle too much to enjoy the pedicure.

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