Friday, April 23, 2010

Pulling the plug?

The other night LK mentioned that with all we're involved in we've been watching much less TV (this is not a bad thing) and that maybe it was time to pull the cable plug. Our at home lives use to be filled with CNN at lunch and CSI/Numbers/______ fill in the blank of some other random show in the evenings.  And now with guitar, silks, reading, games nights, etc, maybe we didn't need the expense of something we're really not using.

Strangely, my response was that we shouldn't.  That we might miss something.  That we might want to watch a movie and not be able to see what's on the 750+ channels available to us.

But then LK left town for 5 days and I turned the TV on for company.  The result?

My to-do list didn't turn into done and my concentration lacked it's focus as I found myself flipping through channels convinced there was something worth watching out there.

So, perhaps this is the beginning of us becoming an out-of-media's-touch home.  And strangely enough, I'm okay with that.


Tarren and Erin said...

We canceled our cable and it hasn't been a big deal at all. I thought I would really miss it but I find that I get more done when the TV is off. We did get a decent antenna though. I need my "Biggest Loser" on Tuesdays. And we do watch more educational stuff on OETA.

ComplyKated said...

I think really what I would miss is the DVR. I like that I'm not tied to the TV and can watch whatever show whenever. Plus I like the DVR for the boys- I record PBS kid shows for them so they can play outside or do whatever and watch the shows later. What products are out there for recording that don't involve buying recordable DVDs (the only option I've seen in use).

Kristin L. said...

I have been campaigning to cancel our cable, I just hate the huge bill, and I won't lie...I will miss the DVR, but we'll survive. I'm coming from a place of living nearly my entire 20's with no cable and Mike was raised by the cable. It's quite a debate in our household.

Anonymous said...

Kill it! We did and love it.


ComplyKated said...

Hmm so how much would I save each month being cable-less? Would it be enough to pay someone to come and clean my house?

Dan Lovejoy said...

We have been without cable for a while now and while we rarely miss cable, we do miss the DVR. One option is to get Tivo or rig up a computer to record OTA. We don't do this because of the expense. We have a Netflix sub for $9/month and we get all kinds of streaming content that way. Plus Hulu & various other outlets. (For example, Elijah is hooked on "Clone Wars." New episodes are posted on every week - full screen, with ONE commercial at the beginning.)

What I've enjoyed most about unplugging is that my watching is more deliberate. I don't often plop down in front of the TV. We usually watch something together, then get up and go on with our lives. I could go on... It's an unmitigated good.

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