Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16: Resources

By the time this posts (thank you post options)  we'll be somewhere between Narita and Chicago.

By posting these resources, please don't think I read this much for every trip.  For instance, I did not study the culture and history of the early Mayan people when I went to lay on the beach in Mexico back in October.  But some trips require some research- mainly to prevent us from sounding like the people we heard at the temple asking their guide "So this Buddha guy, did he really live?"  Or the guy we heard at Angkor Wat "these pre-historic people must have been geniuses to build something like this."

Plus, by reading all this, we were able to more greatly appreciate the amazing experiences we've been able to have.

So here they are, the resources we used to prepare for this trip:

Buddhist Art and Architecture by Robert E Fisher

A Short History of the World by John M Roberts 

Eyewitness Top 10 Bangkok published by DK Publishing 

Eyewitness Vietnam and Angkor Wat published by DK Publishing 

The Buddha and His Teachings by Samuel Bercholz 

A Short History of South-East Asia by Peter Church 

The Treasures of Angkor: Cultural Travel Guide by Marilia Albanese 

Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan by Jamie Zeppa

* Dr_EAM read this one but didn't bring it with him so it's on my list for when I get back.

Web resources:

Lonely Planet Bhutan 

Wikipedia Cambodia 

Wikipedia Chiang Mai 

Wikipedia Hinduism 

Why yes, we are nerds.


Gena said...

Starting with the first link. Here I go......

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

I found on your blog on SITS today and I must say it is really amazing. I am going to come back with a cup of coffee when I have some time to dig in.

Happy Saturday Sharefest.

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