Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food for thought... but March will have to wait

Okay, I know, I was suppose to finish my food for thought list from March and I will tomorrow.  But today doesn't feel like a real food for thought type day.  Today feels like a random thoughts Thursday sort of a day.  I've never participated in random Thursdays but here it goes.

Today was one of those days when at the end I questioned why I do it.  Now, please don't feel sorry for me or think life is falling  a part.  Today was an eye-ball-swelling-kind-of-work-day.  The kind of day the failed to go according to schedule somewhere around 8:15AM.  So now I'm at the end of it with only the energy to stare out my new living room window and listen to the Oklahoma wind blow the backyard trees around-- and think how I didn't manage to get out there today and fix the pergola lights.

I was blessed to be able to go to Muffins with Mom at Geo's school today.  He was so excited to show me the chickens they've had hatching in his class.  He's so big in so many ways these days, and yet he reached for my hand as we were walking into school which reminds me he's still little.

I thought about Simon as I walked past the other first grade classroom this morning.  I wondered who was at Muffins with Mom with him today.  I wondered if this would be hard few weeks for him with the first Mother's day since he mom passed away coming up soon.  I saw Simon's dad at gymnastics the other day.  I was kind of in my own little world and just smiled and said how are you? In a casual flippant way that most parents at gymnastics conversations go-  I wanted to stop, rewind, stop, record that moment if I could have.

Tomorrow we're going to a reception to meet the President Kagame.  I've told the boys this is a very special night.  "Well then," Geo said, "I think we should take a bath when we come home from school so we can be as handsome as possible."

I found out today I will likely have a guitar recital- me and all the 8 year old boys my guitar teacher has on his schedule.  Did I mention a friend of Geo's said he was starting a band?  Geo was kind enough to volunteer my new skills for the group.  I saved the note so when he's a punk teenager I can remind him that at one point he thought I was cool.

I'm feeling the need to retry my cupcakes.  Perhaps for the ANZAC Day (observed) party on Saturday.

I can hear LK in the kitchen turning on the kettle which can mean only one thing- it's hot drink time.  A long standing pre-bed tradition LK and I have had since the early days of ISH's life.

Here's to hoping tomorrow's goals and tomorrow's realities are better in line,


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