Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This week's theme for I Heart Face's photo challenge is "angels." I have to admit, when I saw it I was originally at a loss for what to do. But then I remembered that one of the moves in aerial silks is called the angel and I remembered that Photoshop can make anything fun.

That's what I would have written if the challenge this week had been about ANGELS and not ANGLES.  Oh well- here's the photo I created to make an ANGELS photo challenge post.

Here's where I started: A picture of Julie in our silks class performing the angel and a picture of a stop we made while LK and I were Ireland.

First I took out the background of Julie's picture,

and then I added it on top of the Ireland picture.

Next I covered up the lake which I didn't feel looked right with this photo-creation

and extended the left side of the screen so Julie was situated more over the light in the background and so her finger wouldn't then be squished on the left side of the screen.

Then it was time to play with some sliders.  First I took the saturation of the background down

and, since I wanted the blue in the silks to pop more, I took the hue of Julie's layer up

And then, before the last step of the filter, I burned Julie's arms a bit because in my test run the arms washed out in the filter and burning them corrected that.

And finally- the filter

So there you go.  I had the category been ANGELS, I so would have been ready.  As it is, hopefully you've at least enjoyed it.


Kristin Blessing. said...

You're so good! I have a confession to make that I send out a lot of my work to a friend for photoshopping. As he put's it "You are an awesome photog, but a really crappy editor!" My photoshop skills are lacking and very basic...everytime I go in there I get totally overwhelmed.

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