Monday, March 8, 2010

The future is riding in my backseat

And sometimes, that's a scary thought.

Take yesterday for instance the conversation overheard on the way home from school:

Geo: Let's play the rhyming game
ISH: Okay, we
Geo: Pee
both: hu! huhu! huhuhu!
Geo: Soup
ISH: Poop
both: hu! huhu! huhuhu!
Me: ugh!

And then there's today's conversation as they rode home with happy present snacks from the bakery:
Geo: I prefer the shortbread to the double chocolate cookie
ISH: No, the sweet dream cookie has a nice taste. More sugar, and (smack smack) a bit of honey.
Geo after taking a bite of the sweet dream cookie: Yes, I agree, this has the best flavor of all.

So it's clear I am either raising:


and both prospects are a little frightening.


Kristin said...

I'm not sure which is scarier. Ah ha ha

meggo said...

I am still LOLing. I didn't even see the Frasier/Niles pic and was already thinking of them. I LOVE it!

Michelle Brown said...

Frasier and Niles...they are too sweet for the first duo.

ComplyKated said...

If you know them, you might agree the boys kind of look like Frasier and Niles too-- if Niles had curly hair as well.

Heather said...

Oh, those boys...they should be in a McLaren's Pantry ad! (Yes, I know where a sweet dream cookie comes from!) And while I am making a list of their memorable quotes, the "rhyming game" will not be going on there!

ComplyKated said...

Hang around them long enough and you'll get to experience it first hand. ;)

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