Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Aerial Silks

Last night was so awesome in aerial silks.

going from my splits in to this (see below)

(this one was actually from last week but I did this move on both side last night- it was AMAZING!)

no one helped me get here- flipped over all by myself!!!!

the barber pole

and then, there was this little bit of slowly sliding to the ground as I tried the frog- weeeeeeee

Then there are these- some of my favs from the last month.


Jennifer on top holding Whiney (our teacher)


Me upside hanging by my toes.  And if you want to know, flipping from this into the angel (in the video below) fast does a number on the old arm pits. OUCH!

Video of me learning the first few parts of the angel.

Always up for an adventure,


Kayla said...

Oh my. That is awesome! I didn't know you did that.

LK said...

Wow. Color me super impressed.

Gena said...

Can I request doing some of these tomorrow night? They will go great with no bakes. ;)

ComplyKated said...

You, know that's not a bad idea. I've been trying to figure out how to hang some silks in my house- until Gena, I can throw a scarf over the entry hall light and we swing from that-- (:O it could be fun!

Nicole Whaley said...

That is very, very cool! Thanks for sharing.

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