Saturday, March 27, 2010

SoCoS: Birthdays

LK is out of town today so I had to ask Geo for the topic word.  This is harder than it should be because when I ask him a (as in singular) word, he gives me a sentence.  But I managed to get him to narrow it down to a, one, single word.  His word- Birthdays.

Birthdays.  I don't mind them.  Get older or get dead, right?  I have new grey hairs -do people spell it grey or gray. I'm excited about them.  Mandy thinks I'm crazy (probably not the only one) because I love that I'm getting grey hair.  My grannie went grey early with a lovely streak in the front of her hair and I guess I always thought I would too.  Hit a road block. Grey hair comes with birthdays, and stress.  Hopefully mine are more from age than stress.  Birthdays are a big deal for me.  Not in an immature-everyone-treat-me-like-a-princess way, but in the way that there should be cake (or cheesecake) and a card.  Decorations are a plus- well more so for the boys because I just have to clean them up afterwards (happy birthday to me!).  My mom and grannie are 20 years apart.  I am 25 years younger than my mom.  Geo is 25 years younger than me.  This simple math helps me remember how old I am.  I forget sometimes.  Bad memory comes with age too, right?  Age comes with birthdays. Hit a road block. Hit a road block.  My 16 birthday I chose to watch Alive.  What was I thinking?
Now it's your turn. If you'd like to participate in a little SoCoS action, your topic is "Is." (you can thank Geo for that one too) Guidelines: Write for 3:37 without stopping. If you can't think of what to write, write "hit a road block" over and over again until something comes to mind. When you're done- post a link to your SoCoS writing as a comment to this post.

Can't wait to see where your mind goes with this topic!


Debbie said...

That is a fascinating concept to write about one word for that length of time. Loved yours about birthdays.
Came over from SITS. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Kayla said...

Is??? That sounds hard and my brain is tired. However, the math in my family is really easy too! Avery is 20 years younger than me. I am 20 years younger than my mom and she is 20 years younger than her mom!

ComplyKated said...

Yeah I agree Is is tough. If no one takes it on this week maybe I'll do it next week-- but I figured it out tonight why the second word he gave was "is" - it goes back to the sentence thing, I think he just narrowed down to give it to me word by word. Birthday is ... should have let him finish. Now we'll never now what birthday is.

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