Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the trip I took with LK to Ireland.

While I loved (loved !!!) Ireland - it's scenery and people- being in Ireland did not bring me luck.

Not only did the stewardesses on our United Airlines flight strike because they had been on the clock too long as a result of a major storm in Denver, and not only did we then miss our connection in Denver causing us to loose a night of our reservations in Ireland and our pond-jumping flight over from Heathrow to Dublin, and not only did my suitcase- the suitcase I had so carefully packed because I was not going to be the European-backpacker-hostel-staying girl on this trip, no I was going to be the cutely-dressed-30-something-on-a-lovely-vacation-with-her-husband girl- not come until the second to last day of our 9 day trip; but! while staying in the Dingle peninsula I was told by a priest who was well versed in Gaelic history, that my family name is not even really Irish!  He informed me (with slightly veiled distain) that we are Scot-Irish and then I think he went and washed his mouth out for having uttered such words.

Oh well, I hope today brings you luck and that these pictures can at least make you happy.

And least you think it wasn't fun-- it was an amazing trip-- "adventures" and all.


Luke Hartman said...

Hooray for Ireland and St. Patrick! Our adventures were certainly memorable (yours especially, then the driving, getting lost in Dublin, etc). Let's go back :-).

Mandy said...

Gorgeous! You know I love your Ireland pics! Let's all go back together! Matty can come too.

ComplyKated said...

It was a fabulous trip! We still have the upper part and the middle left plus going back to all the wonderful places we had to zip past to keep up with where we needed to be. Going back is a must! Mandy, you and Matt are more than welcome - it would be rather cozy though with 4 in a car small enough to drive on those roads though!

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