Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Re: Gaelikaa's Consortium Post

I've recently started following an Irish blogger who is married to a Hindi man and she is learning how to live life in India. She blogs about a lot but Christianity is not one of her topics I've seen in the past few weeks of reading about her life. But her recent topic, if you could go back in to time, where you would go, stuck me.

I enjoyed her take on where she would go because I always find it interesting to see how people from non-CoC cultures view how Christ was on earth and how they view religion and Christianity altogether. I had a great discussion once with an Eastern Orthodox man I met online and so much of how he described his faith made beautiful sense to me. And her comment, was a similar eye-opening experience.

And her simple statement hit me between the eyes, because, I guess I've always had this bit of doubt, a bit of "yeah right" nature to Christ being able to live perfectly on earth so that we can see how we can do it too. There's a part of my mind that says to me:

Yes he did it. But he knew the secret handshake- he knew what life after would be like. He had insider information driving his thoughts, so of course he could be sinless.

And maybe some of that comes from my fundamentalist, CoC upbringing where Christ is holy, I am not.  Maybe some of that comes as a cop-out that if I believe Christ was fully man and still overcame sin, then aren't I expected to fully do the same?

But how she writes, it- how she describes the way Christ was able to "overcome the fallen human nature" makes it clear that, in fact, I too can be like He was.
Imagine actually getting the chance to meet Yeshua (Jesus the Master) in the flesh, and to see Him preaching, particularly in His life before the crucifixion and Resurrection, when He was actually no different to any other man despite His divine origin, except for the fact that He managed to overcome the fallen human nature by ongoing communication with the Heavenly Father and immersing Himself totally in prayer for days together, and reading and meditating on the Word of God (Sacred Scripture, particularly the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament, known then as "The Law").
In her post is still the paradox that while Jesus was fully man, "no different to any other man," he was also still able to perform miracles (1) and know the thoughts of man (2) (3).  It's still hard to rectify that one for me sometimes, but her point of Christ overcoming the fall of man through constant communication with God, praying fervently, and reading and mediating on the Word of God is simple, yet brilliantly profound.

Thank you for your thoughts Gaelikaa,


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