Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Backyard Improvements

The hardest part about deciding to move was the idea of leaving the tree house I have. Since the house is built up a bit, from the living room you can't see the bottom of the trees- the normal view from houses- and instead when you walk out on to the deck you feel like you're in a, well, tree house.

Here are the befores:
Why in the world they had this vinyl fencing and the landscaping blocks placed in the middle of the green area I'll never know.

As part of the contract for us to buy the house they had to tear down the shed that was hanging over the second level.

The future dining area

Oh, and of course the deck that was just absolutely falling apart with a railing that in no way kept people from falling off the level.

And a 360 of the finished product (okay I know, you don't have to tell me.  It's not the best 360 you've seen.  And in hindsight I should have taken it standing at the back door so you'd see more of the tree house look, but go with me on this.  I tried)

And a few more afters:
The dining area complete with a old candelabra that I wired up with low-voltage lighting to make it an actual working chandelier (see night pictures below)

With the landscaping blocks backed up to a sensible location, we were able to create an actual usable green space.  We also took out the vinyl fencing and put in a black iron fencing instead.

The second tier was leveled and flagstones laid.  We also had a custom fence built to complete the look.

Here are a few shots of how A-Mazing this place looks at night:

And yes, that is an outdoor pool table, and yes, we're willing to sell that to the potential buyers- after all, the deck was specially reinforced to hold the weight of the pool table.


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