Friday, September 3, 2010


It's not home improvement pics like I said I would post.  And it's not foodie Friday pics that I haven't done in oh, forever (don't worry, we are still eating and I am still working my way through Cartwheels in the kitchen- major catchup posts coming soon).

Instead, here are pictures of some creepy crawlies that have been hanging around this summer (all of them keeping their places outside my house which is good or there would be pictures of a few squished things.)

The Luna Moth

The Walking Stick

The Frog

The Cicada Skin

And the spider @Dr_EAM and I stayed up until 2am photographing, researching, and watching the male come on to the web for mating* 

*mating is not pictured, this is a family friendly blog after all

God bless the macro lens


ptagoddess said...

Beautiful (in a nature sort of way) pictures. Thanks for keeping it family friendly, hehe

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