Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Living Room Remodel

Well since the house is on the market (yes, you've heard me right- this house is on. the. market.) I guess it's time to post the before and after pictures of the living room remodel we started in January.  I know. I know.  Who does a remodel and then puts the house on the market 6 months later?  Well house flippers for one, but that's not us.  We actually did the remodel because we thought we'd be here for a while longer.  But, like the well-loved teddy bear I lost on one of my world-wide adventures, I believe this will bring someone else joy even if it won't be with me any longer.

So here you go:

And now ... drum roll please ....


We took out the regular size door and window and added in a 9 ft 9 in wide garden door where the two middle doors slide open making a nice outside/inside flow.  We also scaled down the massive fireplace surround to a more streamlined look and move the light source to the middle of the room with an awesome flower pendant light. Then we took out the 6 ft wide bookcase in the corner making room for a cabinet to hold the TV components and a 4 x 4 window to bring in the natural light.  And we more than doubles the bookshelf space by putting the new built-ins along the 12 ft wall, taking them from the floor all the way to the top of the angled ceiling.

I have in mind to post the pics of the rest of the updates we've done to the house during our time here (most of them paint related) but this is the one I knew I wanted to do from the day I laid eyes on this living room and TADA! It's done.


Luke Hartman said...

What a change. That looks great. I bet your husband is proud.

dbl said...

Looks great Kate.... when are you coming to my house? This 50 year old house has not changed and it needs some help!

ComplyKated said...

Sounds like that could be fun! If you ever do any work, I highly recommend our carpenter Kelly Barker. He is amazing.

Tarren and Erin said...

Great job, Hartmans! I like how much lighter and brighter the room is. Now you can move on to a new house and do the same thing! I bet Luke is super excited just thinking about it.

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