Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Than Just a Hallway

Continuing the tour of Shady Tree Lane, here's the before for the hallway between the two bedrooms on the east side of the house.

But, it can really be so much more than a hallway because it has this great storage area

But, the 2 feet deep storage space was a little hard to fully use in it's current condition. So... I blew it up and put it back together, only better

But I reused the doors to keep the same sort of look (but black, of course)

Too bad I wasn't blogging when we did this or I would have step-by-steps for you.  Sorry :(

Here's how the whole thing looks now

The trim is Sherwin Williams Tricorn black, the floor is a Behr semi-translucent concrete paint that I applied with garden spray bottles until the outcome was just right (again pre-blogging, no step-by-steps) and the walls are Ralph Lauren Silver, which from trial and error MUST be applied with a roller like they suggest.  DO NOT try it with a brush.

Happy decorating,


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are the child I was trying to conceive all those years when we lived in Oklahoma! I get made fun of CONTINUALLY because I love black so much. You really must see my house! Go to the Searcy Living website (our little hometown publication) and find "the Leckie home" where they did an article (okay, so they were a tad desparate) on our house. I can't remember how many of the photos showed the draperies, but there's a whole lotta black goin' on! I just almost can't get enough of it. Black everyday dishes, black upholstery, black furniture, black clothes, PEARL car (he he!)... and I'm not even Gothic! You've done a fabulous job on your house. Hope it sells soon to somebody who'll honor God there.

ComplyKated said...

Thanks Tanya, the "somebody who will honor God" here has been a prayer of mine too. This house was an amazing place of joy and growth for us and I'm praying it can be that safe place to someone else too.

I know I've been on painting black kick when LK starts humming "paint it black" and Geo starts asking as I'm going in to paint the laundry room ceiling "are you painting that black too!"

I'm going to hop over to the Searcy Living website and take a look-- inspiration for the next house!

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