Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Guest Room/Office

I've being held captive by my sinuses at the moment but they're allowing me enough freedom (for now) to post up some before and after pictures of the guest room/office.

This is where I office (when I'm not officing from the couch or the kitchen table) so I wanted it to be all-me.  I mean, I can't go overboard on the "me-ness" in the shared spaces of the house- though LK has been kind enough to indulge me and my purple master bedroom idea (pictures to come).  But this was done before the battle of the purple, so my excuse to LK was that I needed a girly place.

Here are the befores, sans any furniture

Thankfully, I had some good furniture to work with already- my formerly green daybed that I had already spray painted black back in our Midwest City days, my dad's desk that he would use when paying bills at home (I had to beg my mom for it), and an uber discounted mirror I had bought for 80.00 on a splurge when we lived in Memphis.  I wasn't too keen on the peachy color anymore, but I liked the detail.

After painting the walls, I knew I wanted a mural of some kind behind the bed but when I painted what I thought I wanted, it just looked flat.  So to Home Depot I went, wondering the aisles until I found something that would work ... in the roofing section.

Now, not being a roofer myself, I have no idea what theses lovely circles are suppose to be used for, but armed with powergrab they were able to quickly become a focal point in the room.

I should likely call this room "ode to Home Depot" because when I found this radiator grate there as well, I knew it had to be used somewhere.  So I used left over wall paint from the accent wall and painted a canvas from Hobby Lobby that was the same size as the grate.  Then I hot glued screws to the grate (because I had them on hand and needed something to lift the grate off the canvas to give it the look I wanted) and then hot glued the screws to the canvas.

I used the same concrete treatment in here as I did in the boys' room and the hallway and paired it with an amazing rug from Lowes.  Here's the after pics

(notice the now silver mirror on the wall- looks pretty nice and modern now)

And when guests come to stay, I hope they feel they're staying in some posh hotel (that can only offer two twin beds-- queen bed to be purchased for the next house)

So before....

After ...

Before ...

After ...

Happy decorating,


ptagoddess said...

This has to be my favorite make over and I can tell you a guest feels pampered in this room. So nice.

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