Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For the Love of Burlap

Don't tell LK but I think I'm in love with burlap.  Last week I had a luncheon to go to and decided to spruce up some black pumps I'd had lying around looking a bit, well, understated.  So armed with my hot glue gun and some purpley-red ribbon I had left over from a project way back whenever, I set to work and made this shoe embellishment

And then I decided to add hot glue a little rosette and burlap to a bobby pin to carry the look through

And to keep with the rule of three, I wrapped a bracelet with the ribbon and burlap

The ladies at the Starbucks where I stopped before driving to the luncheon raved.  And if you're not impressing the ladies at Starbucks ....


Gena said...

Girl, you can rock some burlap. (And everything else for that matter) Have a safe trip!

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