Friday, September 17, 2010

In case you don't hear from me for a while

It's because I will be completely engrossed in this blog: Ana White!

Anyone who knows me well knows my love for all things Google SketchUp mainly because I'm so visually oriented that I can't understand how to make one shape into another without doing it (the geometry problems about take this object and flip it X degrees, now what does your object look like were always difficult unless I could have the object in front on me).  But this woman uses Sketchup to provide people with VERY easy to understand project plans for all things made of wood.

How I found her?  Well, I'm not really sure.  I think I was searching for ideas for burlaps curtains and came across another new favorite blog TaterTots and Jello who posts weekly reviews of things her followers have made.  From her weekly review I found Pregnant with Powertools, and while I am not pregnant (let me state the NOT again to make sure everyone understood it: I am NOT pregnant), I'm a superfan of her discourse on proper nailgun selections.

From there it's a little mucky where I went but regardless, I came to a site with an advertisement listing "Learn how to build knock-out knock-out furniture, just add boards."  And baby you had me at hello!

So if you can't find me, come check in the garage but it's likely I'll be in there with my big girl hammer (or hopefully a nail gun) building something fun.

And just as a public retort to Mandy's comment on being anti-minivan: find another way for me to haul two kids, a dog, LK, 12' boards, and various other home improvement materials to and fro and we'll talk about trading in the mommy-mobile for something more stylish- as for now, it's the only way you'll see me driving.

Have a great weekend:


Emily said...

I LOVE that site. I think the first time I went to it, I immediately had 8 projects for Colin to do.

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