Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Thought Thursday, the Eve of 32

What time is it: 859P

Where am I: in the living room with LK

Listening to: Mom and Grannie in one room preparing for the week ahead, dad in another room wrapping up a business call, and the boys radio playing their good-night CD- an odd mixture in deed that is every now and again peppered with snorts or groans from the dog.

Last ate: The Wedge Pizza (the Prosciutto E Formaggi is by far my fav) about to be followed up by Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake, a lovely family birthday celebration

Thoughts: Tomorrow I leave for Brazil. My first time to the South American continent. Tomorrow I'll be on my way to 6 continents down, 1 to go. And yes, I do plan on getting to Antartica before I die if nothing more than to prove those who say I can't wrong.

Tomorrow I turn 32. Birthdays aren't a sad time for me- I don't pout or cry because I'm getting older. (I do, however, firmly believe that with birthdays come cake. No cake on my birthday- then you'll see pouting and tears -- you can ask LK on that one).

I love birthdays. Not because it's all about me- but more that it's fun to be getting older. I even love the fact that I've started to get gray hair. I figure if I'm not getting older, I'm dead- so I'd rather be getting older. And hey! I turn 32 tomorrow and am at this very moment wearing (and wearing well) pants I bought when I was 21 (thanks to Woolite and -most the the time- smart eating habits). So getting older doesn't mean it's all downhill. Getting older is just part of this grand adventure I plan on living for as long as I can (and living it well).

Sitting here feeling blessed,


Luke Hartman said...

Do you really have anyone saying you can't go to all 7 continents? Seems fairly attainable to me. That said, I look forward to #7 with you.

Also, I've liked this pants for years. You still look great. Happy birthday and safe travels. There will be cake.

ComplyKated said...

Well I don't know that there are those specifically saying I can't. It's more those thinking I'm crazy because I want to.

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